Pizza Hut Spelling Error Goes Viral

Spelling mistakes can colelctively bring the internet together to get a good chuckle. A Pizza Hut in Ontario, Canada, went viral online after they posted a sign regarding “unforeseen circumcisions” that included an obvious typo.

The restaurant located in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, posted the sign on its door that was meant to inform customers that the dining room would be closed “unforeseen circumstances.” Instead, a spelling error led the sign to read “unforeseen circumcisions.”

A photo of the sign was posted in a Timmins, Ontario, Facebook group by Justine Janzen who said her friend Christina Hewey was the one who noticed the spelling mistake. “My friend Christina Hewey went to Pizza Hut tonight… might be one of the worst reasons to have to close,” Janzen wrote online.

Marc Girard, the general manager of the Pizza Hut, made light of the spelling error with a new sign he also posted in the Facebook group, offering a $5 pizza deal. “In light of recent CIRCUMSTANCES,” the sign reads, going on to say that the deal has “no tip required.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/timmins/permalink/10160418523858621/