Man Gets Penis Enlargement Only to Have It Shrink

Some people think that bigger is better but that doesn’t mean there still won’t be problems along the way. A Turkish man is suing a doctor after he paid for a penis enlargement procedure only to have the organ shrink after the operation.

İlter Türkmen, a wealthy banker from Tekirdağ, Turkey, is seeking $16,500 in compensation from Dr. Haluk Soylemez. The doctor originally promised Türkmen he could increase both the length and girth of his penis by an extra 1.1 inches.

The operation took place at Dr. Soylemez’s clinic in January 2022. During his recovery, Türkmen started experiencing bleeding and told the doctor about it. After examining his patient, Soylemez scheduled him for a second operation, which left Türkmen feeling even worse.

Türkmen said he experienced “agonizing” pain that made it difficult to walk properly. Even after the pain subsided, his penis remained permanently scarred and shorter than before. A total of 1.1 inches was supposed to be added to his 4.7-inch penis but the surgery left Türkmen with only 4.3 inches to his name.

Dr. Solemez insisted that the banker’s penis was 4.3 inches to begin with and admitted that due to the patient’s anatomical structure, enlargement of the sexual organ ultimately failed. “There is no fault in the procedure I performed,” Soylemez said.

The doctor also added that he never made any commitments about the length or girth of the patient’s penis following the procedure. While this trial is ongoing, it can only end in chaos.

Source: https://www.habervitrini.com/bankacidan-unlu-doktora-penisimi-kuculttun-davasi/1110961