Nigels Gather in Fear of Name Extinction

What’s in a name? For some individuals, their name is an identity worth preserving for future generations.

Although many people would assume Nigel is a common name, you’d be surprised to learn that the name is losing its popularity as the birth records in 2016 and 2020 have no documented names under Nigel.

This finding didn’t go down well with the Nigels across the world as they gathered at a Worcestershire pub to celebrate their shared “Nigel-ness.” Pub owner Nigel Smith, who runs the Fleece Inn, has made it his mission to gain back the popularity of his name.

Smith came up with the idea for a “Nige-fest” which attracted 372 attendees this year to toast their common identity. It’s an event that is open to all ages. The oldest Nigel in attendance was an 84-year-old who came from America for the event. The youngest Nigel was in his thirties.

True to the theme, the entertainment was provided by musicians called Nigel and attendees brought photo IDs and signed “the book of Nigel” kept at the pub.

It’s not just a night for those narcissists obsessed with themselves as there is a bit of altruism involved in the party festivities. The second “Nigel Night” raised over $3,200 for British Heart Foundation.

Smith recalls the experience and he said: “It was absolutely brilliant. We had a fantastic time. It was like we all had known each other forever but obviously, we didn’t. It was a great feeling of all of us getting together and celebrating our Nigel-ness. Times are pretty difficult at the moment for many of us so it was great to be able to get together for a party.”

Dogs can join the party night if they share the name. Smith added: “We had a 14-week-old puppy called Nigel as well, which was nice – but he didn’t say very much!”

Long live Nigels!