Runaway Cows Wander Into Animal Rescue Center

Sweet freedom sometimes ends up being short-lived. A herd of cows escaped from their fenced-in pasture only to end up wandering into an animal rescue center.

The Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the cows left their farm and somehow made their way to the GSPCA’s closest facility.

“We are very blessed to have very clever animals here in Guernsey,” GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said. “This weekend a local herd of Guernsey cows got through their fencing and decided to visit the team at the GSPCA on Sunday. It was a very entertaining day for the GSPCA team, but we like a challenge and it wasn’t long before we got hold of the farmer who owned them and off they went.”

Byrne said that the bovines are one of many runaway animals to turn themselves in at the facility. “In recent years we have seen a stray horse walk into the car park and even two goats walk on site to hand themselves in when they escaped their field,” he said.