Are Chips a Sweet or Savory Snack?

There are only a few things in this world that everyone can agree on, one of them being that chips are a savory snack. Not so fast.

According to one woman, she created a debate within her household when they had a discussion about whether chips are a sweet or savory snack. Her comments caused an even greater argument online, sparking outrage in people who think they’re one flavor versus another.

“Crisps — sweet or savoury? One of us in the household thinks that crisps are savoury/snacks and the other thinks they are classed as sweets/confectionery. Thoughts?” she wrote.

Many people took the savory side since oftentimes chips do have a saltier profile that aligns them closer to savory than sweet. One person said: “The person who thinks they’re sweets has got something seriously wrong with their taste buds!”

A second user commented: “…Why would they ever be sweets?? What’s their logic?” Another wrote: “Obviously savoury.”

Apparently, the question was as obvious as one would think. Several users shared their passion as to why chips are most definitely a sweet snack. One shocked user wrote: “What f*****g lunatic thinks crisps are savoury?!”

A second confused user wrote: “Well I’d class them as the same kind of snack as sweets, chocolate, flavoured nuts, chocolate raisins etc. But I guess they taste savoury.”

Where does one truly stand in this heated debate? The only way is by tasting more chips to help us find the answer.