Pringles and Crocs Collab to Create Ankle Holster for Chips

Crocs has been collaborating with a number of different brands to make bizarre creations that no one asked for. The shoe company’s latest collaboration was with Pringles, where the two brands crafted the ultimate snacking accessory: an ankle holster for your potato chips.

The “Pringles X Crocs” collab saw a set of limited-time products, including the $100 boots, which are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The “Classic Crush” boots come with a mini-can of a new Pringles flavor called “Croc-tail Party,” which the company describes as “watermelon chili lime.”

“For the first time, the flavor masterminds at Pringles are entering the world of footwear with the leader in innovative casual shoes, Crocs,” a press release from Kellanova, the snacking company spun off from Kellogg in 2023, said.

Other products in the shoe line include $70 “Classic Clogs” and $50 “Classic Slides” that come with Pringles Jibbitz that can be plugged into holes on top of the shoes. Some of the shapes include a miniature can of Pringles and the brand’s signature logo.

Unfortunately, anyone looking to get a hand on the one-of-a-kind collab may be out of luck as the shoes are already sold out.

Source: https://www.crocs.com/p/pringles-x-crocs-classic-crush-boot/209691.html