Woman Allegedly Poses as Dentist, Fits Patient With Fake Braces

It might be time to do a background check on your dentist. A woman who allegedly posed as a dentist fitted a patient with a set of fake braces, among other things.

Monica Davis is currently under investigation for allegedly scamming “several patients.” The fake dentist had been getting patients by sharing her business, The Veneer Experts, on social media, claiming that she was “changing lives one smile at a time.”

According to the authorities, Davis had already been charged with operating without a licence in Las Vegas but she is now under new accusations after she continued to see patients in Illinois. Some walked away with brutal consequences.

Monica Bailey, a patient who visited Davis with her 15-year-old daughter, alleged she was fitted with fake braces. Bailey underwent the procedure less than two weeks after Davis was released from custody in Nevada “It’s hard. It is,” she said. “I’m just hoping that we can have a positive outcome.”