Arizona Resident Discovers Snake in Toilet

The last thing you want to see when using the toilet is a snake. An Arizona resident returned to her home in Tucson where she found a snake slithering in her toilet.

The incident occurred on July 15, 2023, after Michelle Lespron had returned home after a few days. “I’d been gone for four days and was looking forward to using my own restroom in peace. I lifted up the lid and he or she was curled up,” Lespron said. “Thank God the lid was closed.”

Phoenix-based company Rattlesnake Solutions posted images of the snake on their Facebook page. They said finding a snake in a toilet is quite uncommon. “We are called to catch one or two snakes in toilets each year, and it is very uncommon. These snakes may get into the plumbing through vaults in septic systems, flushed in from other homes, and a variety of other situations,” the post read.

While some people in Lespron’s life were terrified of the incident, others thought it was a prank video and the snake was a prop. “Even my law partner was like ‘Ha ha. Nice gag,'” Lespron, a personal injury attorney, said.

Lespron’s father did attempt to wrangle the snake shortly after it was discovered but it slithered away. She ended up calling Rattlesnake Solutions the next morning where it took the handler three tries to get the black and pink coachwhip snake firmly in his grasp.

The handler later released the snake, which measured between 3 feet and 4 feet, in a natural habitat. Fortunately for everyone involved, this species of snake is non-venomous.