Balls To The Wall For Team USA? | Out Of Bounds #7

Is Christian Pulisic’s injury enough to fuel the United States to a World Cup win? Will fans shut up now that the College Football Playoff is being expanded?

In the Know Your News sports podcast, Out Of Bounds, Jon Alba and Mia O’Brien talk about the highs, the lows, the weird and the wild of everything you need to know about sports from this week!

Topics include:

Christian Pulisic’s Game-Winning Ball Injury

College Football Playoff Expanded To 12 Teams

Nobody Came To Russel Wilson’s Bday Party

Aaron Rodgers Asked DeShone Kizer If He “Believed” in 9/11

The Jaquars Mascot Did… Nudey Things

Apparently The Astros Hate The Analytics Approach

Andre Burakovsky And The Highest-Scoring Game In Recent History

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