California Woman Steals $2,500 Worth of Stanley Cups

The Stanley cup craze has taken over with a recent incident going a bit too far. A woman in California was arrested after she stole thousands of dollars worth of Stanley insulated cups and mugs that were sitting inside her vehicle.

The Roseville Police Department posted on Facebook that they responded to a retail store on January 17, 2024, after receiving a report of a theft that had just occurred. “Staff saw a woman take a shopping cart full of Stanley water bottles without paying for them,” police said. “The suspect refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise.”

A police officer spotted the suspect fleeing the scene and was able to pull over the driver as she entered a highway in Sacramento, California. Delany Garcia-Lopez was arrested for grand theft after police searched and recovered 65 Stanley-branded insulated tumblers valued at nearly $2,500 that were allegedly taken from multiple businesses.

“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfil your hydration habits,” police said.