Falling Fish to Blame for New Jersey Power Outage

When power outages occur, they’re often caused by severe weather or animals getting into places they shouldn’t be. A New Jersey town experienced option number two but not in your typical sense. Utility officials said that the outage was caused by a fish that had been dropped by a bird of prey.

Jersey Central Power and Light said crews working to restore power during the weekend outage discovered that a fish had landed on a transformer, causing it to explode. “The hypothesis is that a bird dropped it,” Sayreville Police Department Lieutenant James Novak said. “It just landed perfectly and destroyed the transformer.”

A Sayreville Police Department posted on Facebook about the incident, which featured a sketch of the feathered “suspect,” as well as a funny memorial for the fish named Gilligan by the department. “Please let us not forget the victim in this senseless death. Gilligan was a hard-working family man. He was a father to thousands of children,” the post said.

The post continued: “If you see him do not try to apprehend him. Although he isn’t believed to be armed he may still be very dangerous. If you have any information in this case please contact Det. John Silver who handles all of our fish cases.