First-Ever Girl Scout Scuba Troop Holds Underwater Cookie Sale

When Girl Scout cookie season rolls around, it’s arguably one of the best times of the year. Instead of simply selling boxes of cookies to customers, one troop is submerging its cookie booth.

The United States’ first Girl Scout Scuba Troop, Troop 40348, hosted a one-of-a-kind underwater cookie stand at Dive World Austin on January 21, 2023.

Credit: Fox 7 Austin/Troop 40348

How the whole process worked was by sending a torpedo down with the order of cookie boxes requested to the Girl Scouts waiting at the underwater table. They then send up the correct order from their booth to complete the transaction. They even welcomed those with their divers’ licenses to swim down to the booth to collect their own cookies.

While this was a cool idea, if diving isn’t your thing, the same troop will also be at the Barton Creek Mall in Austin, Texas, from February 4 to 19, 2023. There, the Girl Scouts will be building unique structures using Girl Scout Cookie boxes and also selling your favorite flavors.

New to the 2023 Girl Scout cookie season is the online exclusive Raspberry Rally cookie, which makes an appearance. The cookie is thin and crispy, infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating as Thin Mints.