Groom Cancels Marriage Over Bride’s Low Marks in Final Exam

Test scores apparently have a greater effect on your life than most people think. A groom allegedly called off his wedding because his bride’s marks on her Class 12 exam were too low.

The incident took place in an area of Uttar Pradesh, India, where the bride’s family claimed that the groom’s family called off the wedding after their dowry demands were not met even though they had performed the ‘Godh Bharai’ ritual. The Godh Bharai ceremony is a function where the woman of the groom’s family mutually accepts the bride into their family.

The bride’s father alleged that the groom’s family attempted to break the relationship by telling them that the girl received low marks on her Class 12 exam. Disturbed by this, the bride’s father filed a complaint against the groom and his family demanding action.

The bride’s father had fixed the marriage of his daughter Soni with Sonu. The families completed the Godh Bharai ceremony on December 4, 2022, which the man spent thousands of dollars on.

However, after a few days of the ceremony, the groom’s family raised the demand for dowry. When the bride’s father told the groom’s family about his inability to give more dowry, they broke the alliance stating that the girl has low marks in her intermediate.

The police are now trying to solve the case by counseling the two families through the matter. If both parties don’t reach a consensus, they must file a first information report and take appropriate action.