Heartbroken Woman Fights for Lost Love With 1,000 Texts

When a love interest is slipping through the cracks of a failed relationship, a woman puts her self-respect to the side and takes desperate measures to hold onto any love that’s left over.

Michelle Felton, a 28-year-old woman from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, has been issued a restraining order after her consistent efforts to keep in touch with her ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t an occasional text; she managed to send up to 150 texts per day.

Felton was desperate to keep the spark alive and the court order had to put an end to the fizzling flames. According to court documents, Felon is banned from contacting her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Harley, for 18 months, and sentenced to 18 months of community service with 30 days of rehabilitative activity.

The harassment was getting out of control when she would text and call him over 1,000 times after being dumped by him. Harley has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her but she was hell-bent on taking this 21-month romance into a better place.

Credit: Michelle Felton/Cavendish Press

Arron Smith, the prosecutor, said: “Mr. Harley informed Miss Felton that he wished to end the relationship. He said that it had been toxic in his view. She did not agree with that, and it led to the harassment offense. There was a constant barrage of messages. There were hundreds of messages each day, missed calls and texts sent without reply.”

The text messages were more of a nuisance than a threat. “They are not threatening messages or abusive messages but it’s the constant nature of them. She stated that she loves Mr. Harley, that she was hurt that the relationship was over, and did not want to continue living,” Smith added. “She sent photos of her and said that he belongs to her.”

Harley explained that being bombarded with the messages caused him discomfort when he was trying to move on with his life. Ramping up the efforts only made him want to run further. Despite his clear stance, she was in denial and sent messages like “Why won’t you speak to me? I love you. Are we meeting tonight? Are we going out?”

When Felton dropped the phone and started showing up at his house with love-bombing gifts, she crossed the line. Harley called the police and reported her behavior.

Felton confessed to the digital harassment, but she accused her ex of filing a complaint to dodge any bodily harm complaints. Felton’s defense lawyer said Harley had accidentally broken one of her fingers during an argument. She had also physically assaulted Harley by kicking him in the groin. After persuading her not to go to a hospital, Harley stopped talking to Felton, and she was confused by his lack of communication.

“It’s a sad story but nevertheless here you are,” Judge Alan Eyres said to Felton. “We have taken into account your late guilty plea and that you have no previous convictions. We do not want to see you again.”