Large Snake Found in Shopping Cart at Iowa Target Store

Hitting up a Target is a lot of people’s favorite pastime but even a slice of heaven can turn into a nightmare. A customer visiting an Iowa Target store was shocked when a shopping cart brought in from outside was already occupied by a large snake.

The Sioux City Police Department reported that animal control officers responded to the Sunnybrook Drive Target store in Sioux City, Iowa, on a report of a large snake in a shopping cart. After officers located the snake, they confirmed the reptile was a Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor.

Apparently, the snake had been discovered after the cart was brought inside from an outdoor corral. Perhaps the snake slithered its way into one of the carts, assuming it had a relaxing place to stay overnight. Regardless, animal control officers are still investigating whether the snake was intentionally abandoned in the cart.

Lindsay Alvarez posted in the “What in the Sioux City is that!?” Facebook group, writing that her daughter was one of the people who spotted the snake. “My daughter encountered this little guy at Target today!” she wrote as the caption for two photos of the snake.