Lovie’s Legacy | Out Of Bounds #12

Damar Hamlin is headed back to Buffalo, Lovie Smith tanks the Texans’ own tank, and Torts is NOT a fan of the NHL All-Star Game…

In the Know Your News sports podcast, Out Of Bounds, Jon Alba and Mia O’Brien talk about the highs, the lows, the weird and the wild of everything you need to know about sports from this week!

Topics include:

Damar Hamlin Hospitalized Due To Cardiac Arrest

Houston Texans Coach Lovie Smith Fired After Winning Game

What Greenbay’s Postseason Ending Means For Aaron Rodgers

Joe Mixon Protests Coin Toss Decision In Celebration

TCU To Face George In College Football Playoff Championship

Texas A&M Forgets Their Jerseys

John Tortorella HATES The NHL All-Star Game

Nashville Stars: The Latest Expansion Team, Who’s Next?

Paul Wayne Does Most Florida Opening Anthem Ever