Man Arrested for Using Snake as Weapon During Street Fight

Assault with a deadly reptile might just have a be a new law drawn up. A man in Toronto, Canada, used a snake as a weapon during a street fight downtown.

In a video posted on Twitter, a man can be seen swinging a python snake at another man trying to defend himself in the area of Dundas Street and Manning Avenue, Toronto, Canada. The incident occurred just before midnight on May 10, 2023.

Fortunately, a Toronto Police vehicle pulled up to the brawl and officers were able to break up the fight by making the men lay on the ground. “That was a weird one,” Constable Cindy Chung said.

In a statement released by the authorities, police said they received a call about a man threatening people with a python snake and officers were dispatched to the area. “It is alleged that a man was walking down the street holding a living python snake,” Constable Laura Brabant said. “The man approached the victim with the python.”

Brabant added: “There was a physical altercation and the man used the python to attack the victim.” Officers arrived on the scene rather quickly to arrest Laurenio Avila.

The 45-year-old man now faces charges of assault with a weapon and causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. It remains unclear as to what happened to the snake.