Man Attempts to Swap Drugs for Fried Pickles

There’s nothing like a late-night snack to land you in jail. A man looking for a delicious treat to end his evening offered drugs to Buffalo Wild Wings workers in exchange for fried pickles.

Justin Carpenter arrived at a Lawrence, Indiana, Buffalo Wild Wings with a proposition in mind. The 25-year-old asked the employees working, two of whom were minors, if they would swap drugs for fried pickles.

According to the police, Carpenter, who was wearing an ankle monitor at the time, offered marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and vape cartridges containing THC. He reportedly also said, “If you make us some fried pickles, I’ll make it worth it.”

Employees refused the drugs-for-pickles trade so Carpenter left the Buffalo Wild Wings. Before leaving, Carpenter left three small bags of marijuana on the establishment’s front counter and told a manager, “Give those bags to the kids.”

Police were able to locate Carpenter’s vehicle at a Speedway gas station where he was arrested. A search of his vehicle turned up marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, Xanax, THC cartridges and scales containing a white powder.

Carpenter was arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor narcotics charges and booked into the county jail. If Carpenter is able to be released from custody, a judge has ordered him to have no contact with the Buffalo Wild Wings location or its employees.