Man Parties for Four Days After Unknowingly Getting Shot in the Head

It’s hard to keep yourself from having a good time. A Brazilian man was extremely lucky after he mistook a gunshot to the head for getting hit with a rock on New Year’s Eve.

Mateus Facio was partying in Cabo Frio on December 31, 2023, when he heard a loud noise followed by a sharp pain in his head. When he put his hand up to the top of his head, he felt blood, which a doctor in the crowd helped him with.

The 21-year-old continued on with his business since he assumed he had just been hit by a random stone by someone. He just applied some ice to the wound, celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends, and then drove 186 miles to his home in Juiz de Fora.

It was only in the afternoon of January 4, 2024, that he realized something was wrong with him. Mateus’ left arm felt weaker than usual, unable to have the power or the coordination to pick something up with it. He immediately headed to a local private hospital where he told doctors about the incident that happened four days earlier.

The doctors completed a CT scan that revealed that the stone he felt hit his head was actually a bullet that was now lodged in his head.

“The doctors and nurses who saw Mateus there almost couldn’t believe it,” the man’s mother, Luciana, said. “For a person to spend four days with a bullet in the head and not feel anything is inexplicable. He was born again. We can celebrate Matthew’s birth twice.”

Doctors explained that the nine-millimeter bullet in his brain had to be surgically removed because it had the potential to cause serious problems in the future. Fortunately, the operation was a success and Mateus is on his way to a full recovery.