Man Pours Water on Brother’s Head During Heated Argument

Siblings are knowledgeable at knowing each other’s triggers and they can use that insight to their advantage at getting under their skin. David Sherman Powelson, a 64-year-old man in Florida, faces decades in prison and hefty fines after dumping two glasses of water on his older brother during a sibling feud.

Food battles can bring out the ugly side and their dispute was about the Key lime pie the older man was saving.

Powelson was taken into custody and charged with “one count of first-degree felony aggravated battery on a person 65 years of age or older.”

The food fight has serious consequences and a pie might not be worth the courtroom headache. Under Florida state law, “an individual convicted of a first-degree felony faces up to 30 years in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.”

Deputies arrived at the residence in response to an emergency call regarding a “physical domestic dispute” between Powelson and his brother. 

The older brother was lounging in the living room when he realized that his brother gobbled up the Key lime pie that he was saving for himself. 

“The victim became upset and an argument ensued,” deputies wrote in the affidavit. “While sitting in the chair, David [Powelson] emptied two large glasses of water on the victim. The victim feared [Powelson’s] aggressive behavior would lead to him being physically harmed and or killed.”

The pie was sitting in the fridge untouched for a few days so Powelson thought it was okay to finish up the dessert but his brother wasn’t happy about the missing slice.

“[Powelson] was near the kitchen and decided to fill up a large glass full of water and dump it on the victim’s head to ‘cool him down,'” the affidavit states. “[Powelson] proceeded to fill up another glass and dumped it on the victim in the living room.”

During the investigation, the deputy arrested Powelson and transported him to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Jail where he was booked into detention.

No one likes to open the fridge to an empty dessert container, but at the same time, no one wants to call the prison cells home either. Powelson is in deep waters after this sibling battle.