Man’s $21,000 Savings Burned to Ashes in Chimney

A few hiding spots are too good and the secret spot ends up complicating matters further.

A man from Italy tucked about $21,000 up his chimney in the fear of a possible burglary. Little did he know that the people in the family could do more harm than any outsider. He saw his savings go up in literal smoke after his wife lit a log fire.

During the summer, the man would store his government-issued bonds inside his chimney. Then when winter rolled around, he would shift the bonds before the family used the fireplace to heat the area. This year, he forgot to transition the valuables over and they were gone with an innocent mistake on his wife’s part.

The lack of communication between this couple led to financial losses. “When I saw the flames I nearly passed out. I thought it would be a safe place where thieves would never think of looking. My wife didn’t know I’d hidden them there,” he said.

There is still hope after the dust settled down in the chimney. The man reached out to his brother who works in the post office and his brother said they might be able to reissue them if he had the serial number of the bonds.