Monopoly Game Ends With Real Life Jail Time

Family game nights can bring out the competitive spirit with a tragic ending. The Tulsa Police Department was roped into the fun when a board game took a violent turn with the intoxicated players getting heated by the wins.

During a police investigation, cops learned that the family had been drinking alcohol and engaging in a board game of Monopoly. Suddenly a fight out took place between Armstrong and his stepfather. Mixing family feud with land ownership in the game didn’t go well as they knocked over the board game and furniture. Family members told them to take the battle outside.

Credit: Tulsa County Jail

Game pieces were replaced with weapons and Armstrong pulled out a gun after getting cut in the head. The angry man chased his stepfather and stepsister down the street, pointing the gun at them.

When police arrived, they immediately took Armstrong into custody. In his defence, he told the police that he was aiming for the ground and the cops were unable to locate the gun. They believe that he hid it in the residence shortly before the arrest.

Losing in the game is the better alternative to life behind the bars. Sometimes the win isn’t worth the struggle even if it feeds the fragile ego.