Police Discover Drug Suspect Hiding Inside Dryer

There are several locations out there you would never think of being the perfect hiding spot. In this instance, a dryer served as an ideal location to hide for a suspected cocaine dealer who was discovered by police after they raided a Louisiana residence.

Police officers arrived at a Monroe, Louisiana, home looking for Darren Pittman who had allegedly been selling crack from the two-bedroom apartment. Investigators were met by Myshella Smith who yelled several times that Pittman, her boyfriend, was not at the residence. Chade Johnson also fought with police after arguing the “validity of the search warrant.”

Pittman was not initially visible when police arrived but the small 766-square-foot apartment made it easy for officers to find the 26-year-old. A Monroe Police Department officer said that cops had detected movement in the kitchen before entering the apartment.

“Pittman was later located inside the dryer in the kitchen area where officers had heard movement earlier,” Officer Serenity Smith said.

Pittman was arrested in lieu of $17,250 bond and charged with felony and misdemeanor drug counts. This is in addition to warrants charging him with failure to appear in court in connection with two prior criminal matters.

Smith was arrested for obstruction and Johnson was charged with resisting, obstruction, and felony battery of a police officer. The 19 and 18-year-old remain in custody.