Sarcastic Poster Offers Kidney to Raise Rent Deposit Funds

High demand for housing with a scarce supply can cause the prices to skyrocket to unaffordable rates. In Bengaluru, India, people are poking fun at the real estate situation by putting their kidneys up for sale to land a roof over their heads.

If that’s the only thing left to sell, might as well put the organ on the market. After all, most people with a single kidney can still remain relatively healthy without developing chronic conditions.

A poster wrote, “Does this qualify for @peakbengaluru?” in the caption.

The poster joked about a kidney on sale that will pay for the security deposit on their rental home. As a quick disclaimer, the note explained that it’s just a joke, and landlords can scan the QR code for more info on the poster’s profile.

Humor was used to highlight the city’s real estate bubble and people can relate to the struggles of securing affordable accommodation.

A man wrote: “Should have put the ‘right’ one on sale. There are very few buyers for the ‘left’ in India lately.”

Another suggested: “While on house hunt landlord got offended on rejection. Because I said that I’m not interested in making you rich. Instead will opt for Honda City and pay EMI for a long commute.”

Another person added: “I 100% would do this too. Need to attract right ToF, then gotta resort to marketing tactics.”

If it’s between a kidney or shelter, people might settle with a single kidney for a home.

Source: https://twitter.com/ramyakh/status/1629467204340285440