Texas Woman Attacked By Snake and Hawk While Mowing Lawn

A single animal attack can lead to a lifetime of trauma so imagine two wild animals piercing into the skin at the same time. A Texas woman was shaken up after being violently attacked by a snake and a hawk in the same hour.

In Silsbee, Texas, Peggy Jones was mowing her lawn with her husband in the evening. While she was busy tending to her lawn, a large snake fell from the sky and landed on her.

It turns out that the snake was dropped by a hawk and the slithering reptile managed to wrap itself around her arm. The hawk, who wasn’t satisfied with its meal, joined the chaotic situation and began to attack Jones.

The 64-year-old said: “I was violently shaking my arm to try and get the snake off. He just wrapped and squeezed tighter and tighter.”

While the hawk was trying to grab the snake, the snake managed to eat at her eyeglasses and spewed its venom.

“The hawk was darting in and out grabbing for the snake,” Jones said. “His wings were slapping me while he was clawing at the snake and that is where the deeper cuts and rips came from.”

The hawk continued slapping her in the face with its wings while trying to get its mouth on the prey. 

When all else failed, she was screaming for the Lord. “I’m screaming during this whole time, ‘Help me, Jesus! Please, help me, Jesus!'” Jones said.

Jesus may not have been running down from heaven but her husband Wendell rode over to her on his mower. He was astonished to see these two wild animals going at his loved one.

Jones was crying and running around in a fit of panic, her arm was bloody with stab wounds from the hawk. After some time, the hawk flew off with the snake and Jones was rushed to the emergency room by her husband.

The doctor thought her story was a stretch of her imagination since he had asked her if she was on drugs. After some convincing, the doctor eventually bought the story and prescribed antibiotics, along with bandaging her arm.

The doctors confirmed that she wasn’t bitten by the snake and she’s now on the road to recovery. The physical pain may subside but the emotional trauma of the entire chaos may take some time. 

Jones is feeling fortunate to be alive after the attack, she stated: “I feel it was by the grace of God I am still alive and able to tell my story.”