Thai Entrepreneur Drinks Crocodile Blood Twice a Day

According to a businessman from southern Thailand, some crocodile blood a day keeps the doctor away. Rojakorn Nanon, a 52-year-old man from Trang, opened up about his good health and he attributes his well-being to drinking crocodile blood twice a day.

Nanon kickstarts his day with a glass of crocodile blood mixed with a Thai spirit called lao khao and he wraps up his day with this bedtime drink.

In two months, Nanon has experienced a sharp contrast between his life before the drink and after the drink. He claims he used to be weak and fatigued often but after taking a sip of this red beverage, his body has been transformed into a better shape. He believes the crocodile blood has rebooted his nervous system and worked some magic for his organs.

Credit: Khaosod

Nanon purchased the cocktail from Wanchai Chaikerd, a 53-year-old owner of a crocodile farm, in the Ban Pho subdistrict. Chaikerd explained that crocodiles have small amounts of blood that can only fill one or two glasses so he has to mix it with lao khao. For one glass, he charges around six to nine dollars.

Chaikerd claims that his drink “helps circulation, strengthens red blood cells, increases platelet count and white blood cells, and nourishes egg and sperm cells.” For those struggling with infertility, Wanchai believes the cocktail can be a cure for conceiving difficulties.

The crocodile farm targets crocodiles between three and four years old because that’s the age when they are strongest so the blood is optimal to drink during that time frame.

Even though this drink may work wonders, people will still have reservations about gulping down blood from an animal. Once people catch sight of this drink creation process, a shorter life span may be the more desirable option.