Woman Passes Kidney Stone on Disney World Ride

Disney World rides may be a form of amusement and pain management for those suffering from kidney stones. Steph Fallon, a woman from New Jersey, shocked TikTok viewers after revealing a clip of her passing a kidney stone on a rollercoaster at Disney World.

“Come with me to pass a kidney stone at Disney,” said Steph Fallon in the viral TikTok video with over 1.1 million views.

The lady explained that she had been suffering from kidney stones and after hunting for remedies, she discovered a bizarre remedy to alleviate her symptoms. The tip was to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. As per the advice, she booked a day trip to the House of Mouse to test the remedy.

“We rode in the very back row like all of the articles said you had to do to pass a kidney stone,” said Fallon.

She rode the railroad twice to increase the likelihood of passing a kidney stone. When she stopped to pick up a souvenir and return back to the airport, her pain felt excruciating.

Fallon returned home at midnight and the next morning, she woke up to discover that her Disney World remedy actually worked. “I was literally shocked, I had passed the kidney stone,” Fallon proudly declared while showing the stone to viewers.

Other TikTok users were amazed by the ride solving her agony and turning it into an effective pain hack.

“Honestly this is such a power move, flying to Disney to pass a kidney stone,” a person wrote, while another added, “cheaper than going to the hospital and way more fun!”

Another said: “I work at a Urologist office, imma start telling patients this.”