1,177-Foot Line of Water Inflatables Officially Breaks World Record

Sitting in a water inflatable on the lake sounds like the perfect kind of summer activity. That summer fun can also be used to break a world record for the longest line of water inflatables.

A Saskatchewan, Canada, park broke a Guinness World Record when hundreds of people on water inflatables formed a line measuring exactly 1,176.83 feet long.

Lac Pelletier Regional Park in Wymark, Saskatchewan, was the location for the record-setting event. In late July 2022, a crowd gathered at the park with water inflatables in tow to break the record. Guinness World Records has now confirmed that the line of inflatables smashed the previous record of 705.7 feet, which was set in Milan, Italy, in 2019.

The park shared the good news on Facebook, saying: “Garth Melhoff, Executive Chair of the Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board, expressed the appreciation of the Board for the overwhelming support received from businesses, community groups, participants, volunteers, and the organizing committee.

“‘The Guinness attempt was truly a regional community event with everyone working together to achieve a common goal in the spirit of what Lac Pelletier Regional Park is all about.'”

The record attempt also helped do some good for the community as it raised over $6,500 to be put towards Lac Pelletier shoreline restoration projects.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/lacpelletier/posts/550709403765100