Bears Enjoy Swan Boat Ride

Even bears like to get around using different modes of transportation. A British safari park took advantage of recent rains to allow their North American black bears to take a ride on a swan boat.

The Woburn Safari Park in Ridgmont, England, said that the recent heavy rains caused a “lake” to form at the bottom of the 13-acre enclosure occupied by 11 North American black bears. To let the bruins have some fun, zookeepers placed a pedal-powered swan boat in the water.

Credit: Woburn Safari Park

To ensure the bears investigated the boats, honey and monkey nuts were placed inside the vessel. The result was many hilarious pictures and videos shared on the park’s Instagram.

“Keepers and visitors alike were delighted when the bears actually climbed onto the boat to reach their food,” the park wrote. “They could be spotted climbing all over, playing with and sniffing the boat with great curiosity.”