Brothers Earn World Record for Huge Pokémon Card Collection

As the saying goes, “Pokémon, gotta catch ’em all! A pair of brothers from Denmark took that challenge literally on their way to securing the record for the world’s largest Pokémon collection.

Jens Ishoy Prehn and Per Ishoy Nielsen love Pokémon cards and have been collecting the popular game cards for their entire adult lives. Their collection has now reached a total of 32,809 different cards, which is enough to earn the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Pokémon cards.

Obviously, with such a large collection, a lot of money has been spent purchasing cards over the years. Despite some disapproval from their parents, the brothers agree that the money spent is definitely worth it for the honor and joy they get from their collection.

“We were told to stop using money on Pokémon cards. It didn’t go quite that way,” Jens said.

The most valuable card in the collection is a first-edition Charizard. In the current market, a card like that is worth around $20,000. Not bad for a simple card game.

Source: https://youtu.be/j2R6r0RctUE