Dog Rescue Turns Into Human Rescue Mission

Sometimes saving an animal can mean risky business for the humans involved. Firefighters in Kentucky were called to help a dog stranded on a cliff ledge and ended up having to also save an emergency management official at the same time.

W.R. Castle Fire-Rescue wrote in a Facebook post that Johnson County Emergency Management reported a dog stranded on a cliff. The fire department’s rope rescue team was assembled and dispatched to an area near U.S. 23 to rescue the animal.

The crew arrived on the scene and ended up helping Paintsville firefighters rescue Lawrence County’s Emergency Management director, who had also become stranded on the cliff while trying to reach the dog.

The rope team tried to rappel down the cliff to rescue the dog but the canine ended up fleeing and slid down the cliff on its own. The animal did not appear to be injured and ran away from the area once it got itself down from the cliff.

“The time and resources committed to rescuing the would-be rescuer delayed help for the dog. This is why it is so important to wait on rescuers who are properly trained and equipped,” the post said.