Dog Unearths Military Bomb After Digging in Yard

A pup can get quite curious when its scent is hot on the trail. A dog digging in her owner’s yard in Florida unearthed a decades-old military bomb.

Mathew Sims said his dog, named Baby, was playing in the yard when she unearthed a metallic object next to the garage of his Jacksonville, Florida, home. “You couldn’t tell what it was until you started pulling it up,” Sims said. “Once I got it halfway out, I was like ‘Oh, I know what this is, let me gently put this back down.'”

Sims called Jacksonville police about the object, which was around a foot long and weighed around 10 pounds. The bomb squad responded to examine the dangerous discovery and determined that it was an old unexploded piece of military ordnance, which was likely buried for decades.

Homes in the surrounding area were evacuated before the bomb squad was able to take the object away. It remains unclear as to where the antique bomb first originated from.