Lottery Winner’s Memory Lapse Leads to Double Prize

It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is the case in this instance. A Michigan man forgot if he had already purchased a lottery ticket and ended up winning two jackpots.

The Montcalm County man told Michigan Lottery officials that he was at a Mobil gas station in Stanton when he couldn’t remember if he had already purchased a ticket for the December 17, 2022, Fantasy 5 drawing. Thinking it was better to just buy another, he purchased an identical ticket.

“I have been playing Fantasy 5 for a long time and I always play the same sets of numbers,” the player said. “I was at the gas station and I couldn’t remember if I’d purchased a ticket for the Fantasy 5 drawing that night so I decided to purchase one to be safe.”

Later, the man did find out that he had indeed already bought an identical ticket from the Sheridan EZ Mart in Sheridan. “After the drawing, I was on the Michigan Lottery website checking the numbers and when I saw the two locations where winning tickets were sold, I knew I had to be the big winner,” the player said.

His next shocking surprise came when he saw the amount of his prize-winning tickets. “I checked my tickets and confirmed I had won but I thought I’d won $55,000 on each. When I called the lottery and they confirmed both tickets were $110,000 winners, a feeling of relief came over me,” the winner said.

The man claims that the majority of his prize money will go toward home renovations and taking care of his family.