Missing Snake Rides Across Virginia in U-Haul Truck

When moving, you might want to double-check if you’ve got everything before you go. A three-foot ball python is on its way to being reunited with its owner after catching a ride across the state of Virginia in a U-Haul truck.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control responded to a U-Haul location in Henrico County that said they discovered a large, non-native snake in one of their trucks. Wildlife rescuer Richard Perry said the snake was lethargic from the cold.

“We didn’t even think it would make it through the night,” Perry said. “It was in very, very bad shape.”

The U-Haul business contacted the truck’s previous renter but they weren’t the owners of the python. “The previous driver was driving around with a three-foot python in the vehicle, in the cab, and had no idea the snake was there,” Perry said.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control posted about the unusual discovery on Facebook in the hopes its owner would see the post. Fortunately, word of the python eventually reached the animal’s owner on the other side of the state.

The owner told rescuers she had rented the truck earlier and thought her pet snake had gone missing at some point during the journey. She had not suspected the python was still in the truck after all this time.

The python, which has now recovered from the ordeal with the assistance of the rescue team, will soon be reunited with its owner.