Monkey Spotted Raiding Gardens After Escaping From Scottish Zoo

You don’t want to mess with a monkey on the run. A Japanese monkey that escaped from a zoo in Scotland remains on the loose but has been spotted raiding gardens in a nearby village.

The Japanese macaque escaped from its enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park, located inside the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, which operates the wildlife park, is on the hunt for the runaway monkey, which was spotted in the nearby village of Kincraig.

Kincraig resident Carl Nagle was the one who first spotted the monkey outside his window on January 28, 2023. “I looked out the window and there he was, proud as punch, standing against the fence eating nuts that had fallen down from one of the bird feeders,” Nagle said.

He added: “He hung out, he looked a bit shifty like he was where he wasn’t supposed to be, which was true. He wandered around the garden a bit — we thought he’d gone but he came back and then he was up on the bird feeders trying to get into them. He was having a really good go — he worked harder at it than a squirrel.”

RZSS officials said experts have still been trying to find the loose snow monkey. “We are asking anyone who spots him to please call 07933928377 or email with information,” the zoo said. “Although we don’t expect the monkey to be a threat to the public or pet animals, he should not be approached.”