Opossum Caught on Camera Stealing a Box of Cookies

Don’t turn your back on your sweet treats, a porch pirate might be out to get them. A security camera at a Texas home managed to capture a box of cookies that was delivered to the front door snatched by a hungry opossum.

The Southlake Department of Public Safety posted on Facebook about the incident. They reported that a local resident identified as Dr. M was celebrating his son’s 15th birthday when he had been given some cookies from Tiff’s Treats. The cookies were delivered and left on the family’s front step.

The son later discovered that a balloon and a bag of icing were left on the porch and that the box of cookies was found empty in the family’s side yard. The family’s security camera revealed that the thief was an opossum that made off with the unattended treats.

The department also mentioned that residents should follow Dr. M’s example and use security cameras to “go marsupi-all in on protecting your home from thieves.”