Pizza Hut Attempts Record for World’s Largest Pizza

Pizza brings people closer together by being most people’s favorite food. To celebrate the return of a popular menu item, Pizza Hut attempted to smash the record for the world’s largest pizza.

The pizza chain recently announced that it was bringing back the fan-favorite Big New Yorker pizza after a 25-year hiatus. This also became the inspiration behind the Guinness World Record attempt, which was completed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Restaurant chefs created the pie by assembling the dough, sauce and cheese on the convention center floor and cooked it by using a series of heat lamps spread throughout. The result was a 14,100-square-foot pizza portioned into 68,000 slices.

Pizza Hut smashed the previous Guinness World Record that was made in Italy back in 2012. That pizza measured in at 13,580-square feet.

Source: https://abc7.com/pizza-hut-attempts-to-break-world-record-new-menu-item-big-yorker/12717701/