Pizzeria Offers Delayed Payments for Customers After They Die

Have you ever craved a slice of pizza but didn’t want to foot the bill right away? A New Zealand-based pizza chain might have what you’re looking for as they are now offering a buy now, pay when you die promotion.

Hell Pizza announced the “AfterLife Pay” promotion was inspired by the “buy now, pay later” system being adopted by several other New Zealand businesses.

“We’re seeing a growing number of people using the schemes to buy essential items like food, and we think it’s taking it a step too far when you’ve got quick service restaurants like ours being asked to offer BNPL for what is considered a treat — especially when you consider people are falling behind in their payments and 10.5% of loans in NZ are in arrears,” Hell Pizza CEO Ben Cumming said.

The pizzeria announced that 666 customers in New Zealand and 666 customers in Australia will be chosen for the AfterLife Pay program, which will delay payments for pizza until the customer has passed away. Only then will they have to pay up.

“Those chosen will be invited to sign a real amendment to their wills, allowing the cost of their pizza to be collected upon death. No interest or fees will apply, and the agreement is legally binding,” the website said.

Any interested customers wanting to shuffle payments — no matter how big or small — are told to apply for the program on Hell Pizza’s website.

Source: https://hellpizza.nz/wickedpedia/2023/05/25/buy-now-pay-much-later/