Sheep Wander Into Greenhouse, Consume 600 Pounds of Marijuana Plants

A flock of sheep had a fun night on the town after they found their way into a greenhouse in Greece and ate more than 600 pounds of marijuana plants that were being grown for medical use.

Yiannis Bourounis, owner of the greenhouse in Magnesia, said this wasn’t the first time his crop had been damaged this year. Heat and recent floods had already left the cannabis plants in poor condition before a flock of sheep managed to enter the greenhouse and feast on the remaining leaves.

“I don’t know if it’s for laughing or crying. We have the heat, we lose a lot of production. We have the floods, we lose the rest. And the best; After all this, a herd of sheep, which I don’t know how to get back, entered the facility and started eating what was left. I don’t know what to say, honestly” the owner said.

Bourounis estimated the sheep munched their way through more than 600 pounds of plants. Apparently, the sheep were “jumping higher than goats” after eating their way through the greenery.

Greece legalized medical marijuana in 2017, opening the country’s first cannabis production plant in early 2023.