Shut Up! This Man Has The Mike

Sometimes your neighbours can get on your nerves — we’ve all been there wishing they would stop having parties each week, or praying they turn their music down because you really don’t think you can handle another poor rendition of Whitney Houston’s back catalogue. One man has taken his neighbour dispute to the next level, however, as he came up with a hilarious way to get his own back. 

In a TikTok video, the man shared how his neighbours had been playing sad, heartbreak songs on repeat. He didn’t ask his neighbours if they could be quiet — he opted for a more dramatic approach and yelled at them to stop playing the same music constantly… through a microphone.


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He hilariously shouted: “Excuse me, neighbour? Are you in pain? Are you heartbroken? Do you need support? If so, I’m open to a chat instead of you playing your s*** music 24 f******* seven.”

He then mockingly begins to dramatically sing a line from “Nothing Compares To You,” which is one of the tunes they’d been incessantly blasting. He gives the camera an exasperated look, hoping the message is getting through to them.

He continues to sing the song and then says: “They certainly don’t, nothing compares to you, it stinks of smelly smelly rotten b*m holes, goodbye.”

He then proceeds to turn the microphone off with a flourish and slams the window shut.

People found the video hilarious, with one pointing out that the rest of the neighbours would’ve been watching on to get a slice of the drama.

One wrote: “Did they stop though”, followed by a crying with laughter face.

“You crack me up”, wrote another.

Another said: “I wish you were my neighbour! I’d get hours of entertainment from you!”, followed by crying with laughter faces.

Others shared their nightmare neighbour experiences, with one commenting: “I have some new neighbours upstairs and they like to leave their phone on the floor and their alarm goes off at 4 a.m.”