Squirrel Becomes Star of the Show During MLB Game

Squirrels defy gravity every day so why wouldn’t they want to show off their talent on national television? One death-defying squirrel ran across the outfield wall during a Major League Baseball game, eliciting shocked reactions from fans sitting nearby.

A video of the incident was posted on Twitter by the official Major League Baseball account that showed the squirrel running across the wall at Yankee Stadium as the New York Yankees took on the Baltimore Orioles.

Fans were completely surprised by the animal, many of them with their mouths agape, as the rodent jetted past them in the video. Some even tried to get away from the squirrel by sitting back in their seats.

The critter had a plan of its own to get out of the situation. The video ends with the squirrel leaping from the wall to the outfield. Apparently, the squirrel continued to run around the outfield while the game was going on.

It’s unclear as to what ended up happening to the squirrel but it could’ve been a good luck charm for the home team, who walked away with a 6-5 victory.