Toronto Landlord Looking for Fourth Renter for Bunk Beds

The rental market in Canadian cities continues to be completely insane. The latest craziness comes from a rental in Toronto where a landlord is attempting to look for a fourth renter for one room with two bunk beds.

A landlord in the Etobicoke area was trying to bamboozle renters into thinking they’ve scored a deal when that was very far from the case. A posting on Reddit shared the wild listing located on Royal York Road.

“Large and beautiful bedroom with attached den, bed, pillows and mattresses for four occupants,” the Kijiji listing read. Currently, three of the bunk beds have been taken and there’s “only one left.” That is, as long as you’re female, Keralite, non-vegetarian and preferably Christian.

While the bedroom may seem small, the shared spaces seem to be worth the money. The rental includes a fully equipped kitchen and “clean and wide” bathroom, along with a separate den for “luggage storage” because there doesn’t appear to be much space for personal items such as clothing.

The landlord is asking $475 per female tenant but utilities are an extra $50 monthly, bringing the total to $525 for something similar to a camping experience. Redditors online calculated that it would net the landlord $2,100 if all four bunks were filled.

The listing also insists on a minimum four-month contract, asking for first and last months’ rent, and tenants must give 60 days’ notice if they plan to end the contract.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SlumlordsCanada/comments/1b7t3mh/4754_1900_off_of_a_single_bedroom_nice/