Woman Cleaning Out Deceased Father’s Home Finds Live Grenade

Coming face-to-face can be a terrifying experience that very few people have experienced. A woman reported to army personnel when she made a surprising discovery in her deceased father’s home: a live grenade.

Kedrin Simms Brachman said that she and some family members were cleaning out the home of her deceased father, Frank Simms, who died in October 2023. The home was located in Knowlton, Quebec, and had a very surprising discovery for Simms Brachman.

“We went into his tool room, which was always, like, nobody ever went into his tool room. That was a sacred place,” she said. “I was looking for something, and then I opened up the toolbox, and there was a grenade.”

Simms Brachman said she remembered the grenade from decades ago but had thought it was long gone. “I remember this grenade from almost 30 years ago when Dad brought it back from my grandfather’s house,” she wrote on Instagram. “We all asked him to get rid of it and thought he had…well, he didn’t and it was loose and had moved houses multiple times with him.”

The police were contacted over the situation and an officer who arrived to take photos of the object said Canadian Armed Forces would need to be summoned to the house. Army personnel let Simms Brachman that the grenade was live, which is a rare occurrence for antique grenades.

“It had a detonator and everything in it. It was intact, so they secured it. They loaded it in their truck, and off we went,” Simms Brachman said.