Woman’s Eyebrow Disaster

Getting your eyebrows done by someone new can certainly be a risk. One woman was torn between tears and laughter after a disastrous eyebrow appointment left her “looking like Angry Birds.”

A video that was shared on TikTok shows a woman staring at her eyebrows in a car mirror while her friend, Diana Avitu, sits in the passenger seat laughing over the situation. Avitu uploaded the video to the social media platform with the caption: “When the eyebrow lady f*cks up.”

At the end of the footage, the woman in the driver’s seat turns around to face the camera with eyebrows that anyone could tell were not plucked properly. That’s when Avitu couldn’t hold back her snickers anymore.

The video has since been viewed more than 6.6 million times and counting, with many followers sympathizing with the woman but also chuckling about the situation as well.

One person wrote: “She gave you Angry Birds! Just draw them in a bit.”

Another said: “At first I was like… she probably being all dramatic and they look good. Then she turned around… I busted out laughing”

A third person commented: “Literally traumatized. I’ve been there girl. After that, I stopped getting them done regularly and started doing them at home.”

Unfortunately, it’s likely that these eyebrows will take around three to four weeks post-tweezing to grow back to the point where hair can be seen piercing through the skin and at least one more month before the hair reaches its full length.