Accident Causes Truck to Cover Highway in Dr. Pepper, 7Up

Accidents happen and when they do, they can be a little messy. A truck carrying Dr. Pepper and 7Up overturned on a Nevada highway, spilling the cans and bottles of soda all over the road.

Nevada State Police said on X that the truck overturned Interstate 80, between Mogul and Garson in the Reno, Nevada, area. The vehicle was carrying crates of cans and bottles of Dr. Pepper and 7Up, which ended up being spilled onto the roadway.

NHP reported that traffic in both directions was reduced to one lane due to multiple minor crashes in the area, including this incident. They told travelers that they should expect delays and to find an alternate route due to this unusual traffic hiccup.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the truck crash or the resulting soda spill.

Source: https://twitter.com/NVStatePolice/status/1754546450019795007