Around Four Dozen Cows Invade Wisconsin Neighborhood

It’s an unusual sight to see a group of cows outside of their pasture. Residents living in a Wisconsin neighborhood were shocked at the strange sight of a herd of around four dozen cows wandering through the streets.

Brian McGarry from Port Washington, Wisconsin, was one of the onlookers that managed to capture a video of the cows wandering past homes in the Rolling Hills Estate subdivision as other astonished neighbors watched on.

Resident Mick Maier said the entire thing left him in disbelief. “We were in our backyard, when the cows came stampeding down the hill, and they were moving because there’s a pretty vertical drop there. And it was like the bulls in Pamplona or something like that,” he said.

Chuck Curran said he lost count after around 20 cows had wandered through his garden. “I’m going to buy some additional bags of topsoil and fill in where they, they have, like four-inch-deep footprints, through both our left and right flowerbeds,” he said.

Danielle Santos was one of the community members who attempted to help wrangle the bovines. She estimated that there were up to four dozen cows in total. “We would get the cows going one way, and all of a sudden, they’d be like, ‘Ope, whatever, we want to go the other way.’ A third guy jumped in to help and by the time he helped, we were able to keep them in the front here and herd them all the way down the street,” Santos said.

It turns out that the cows escaped from a farm about a half mile away, managing to escape when someone left a barn door open. The owner reported that all the cows were returned safe and sound.