Bear Attacks Inflatable Reindeer in Yard

The latter months of the year are dedicated to the holidays and making the season jolly. Christmas involves going all out, decking out your home with the best decorations money can buy. Although many are supportive during the holiday season, some wild animals seem to have a bit of beef with the creature of the moment: the reindeer.

A confused bear attempted to make a meal out of a California man’s inflatable Rudolph holiday decoration. Dave Lester’s home security camera captured the entire scene on video, which Lester uploaded to Facebook.

Credit: Dave Lester

Lester claimed that he woke up one morning to find that the inflatable Rudolph he had put out in his front yard for Christmas had been torn to shreds by an early-morning visitor. “Sad news. Woke up this morning to Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive. No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive him,” Lester wrote.

The security camera footage captured the reindeer decoration being mauled by a bear around 5 a.m. The animal didn’t show any interest in the other decor scattered around the front yard.

Bears are frequent guests in the area and Lester said that the beasts occasionally showed interest in the inflatable Rudolph last year but never damaged it before. “There were a couple stare downs last year but for some reason he just figured he was going to make a meal out of Rudolph,” Lester said.