Bear Attempts to Enter Washington Home Through Dog Door

If a bruin becomes curious, you better watch out. A large bear was captured on camera attempting to enter the home of a Washington woman through the dog door.

Amy Holt said her home security camera captured the moment the bear approached the back door of her North Bend, Washington, home. “The video is completely entertaining, but also makes me a little worried about waking up in bed with the bear next to me,” Holt said.

Credit: Amy Holt

The video, which Holt shared the video on Facebook, showed the bear trying to squeeze its way through the dog door but ended up being too big to fit. The bruin also tried to unsuccessfully push its way in through her windows.

“We live in a rural area, and encounters are a normal part of living here,” Holt said. “It’s one of the things we enjoy most about living in North Bend.”