Bear Breaks Into Connecticut Home, Steals Lasagna From Freezer

When bears are hungry, they’ll go to great lengths to find some food. Security cameras at a home in Connecticut captured a bear wandering inside and stealing a lasagna from the freezer before escaping out the window.

Helena Houlis said she received an alert on her phone that her refrigerator door had been left open at her home in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. This alert led her to check the footage on her Ring cameras to see what might have caused the problem.

Credit: Helena Houlis

It turns out the culprit ended up being a bear that had wandered through the woman’s home to the kitchen, where it opened up the freezer door and snatched a lasagna. The crafty bruin then used the open door as a step to reach an open window, escaping to the outdoors.

Houlis posted the series of videos to Facebook where she captioned the post: “So this happened.” Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the bear caused too much damage on its way through the house.

“We have seen a lot of bears in the last few years, but nothing ever like this,” Houlis said.