Bear Crashes Barbecue, Eats 10 Burgers

Bears are stocking up on any food they can get before hibernating for the winter. A barbecue in Tennessee welcomed an unexpected visitor when a bear crashed the party, eating 10 burgers and a Diet Coke before heading out.

A woman on TikTok by the name Mel Mel posted a video of the bear’s destruction with the caption: “Damn bears ate our dinner tonight.” In the video, the bruin can be seen lifting the lid of the grill and sniffing out the burgers that were inside for a barbecue in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

After feasting on the 10 delicious burgers inside, the bear washed down its meal by finding a can of Diet Coke. It proceeded to crush the soda can and drink from the puddle that resulted from the spilled beverage.

It’s safe to say that the bear was quite satisfied after that easy dinner.